Gone With The Wynns

Jason and Nikki Wynn are a couple of perpetual travelers and modern day documentarians. Gone With The Wynns is the website and YouTube channel depicting the unscripted tale of how they traded in everyday life to satisfy their wear-out-your-shoes sense of adventure.

With their home as the vessel, they’re always on the move with an irrefutable desire to search, explore, discover, grow, learn and share. The first six years were an epic road trip around North America and now they’re on a sailing voyage about the world.

The Wynns often say they are an ordinary couple living an extraordinary life. Proving that anyone with the will can reach far dung destinations, have wild adventures, and manage all the gear that makes living aboard a sailboat possible.

  • Gone With The Wynns is across the board one of the top travel & sailing lifestyle creators in the world.
  • Through real-life tales, misadventures, failures and successes The Wynns connect with the audience as a trusted friend who is there to help and offer advice. They don’t take that trust lightly, so they choose their recommendations carefully.
  • The Wynns create honest, inspirational content that provides useful tips and resources to help move their viewers from dreams to reality.
  • Living a life of travel aboard a sailboat has unique challenges and The Wynns have a knack for sharing the solutions. They dive into how products work, what their practical uses are and how they add value to the lifestyle.
  • The Wynns have a robust string of complementary skills they use to share their story: writing, photography, videography, editing, producing, and live engagements.

Gone With The Wynns has a broad audience of travelers and dreamers that predominantly range in age from 25-45 years old and tune in from the USA, Canada and the UK.

  • Website – 660k page views a month and 200k unique monthly visitors and 12k email subscribers
  • YouTube – 130k subscribers and 1 million monthly views.
  • Social – 20k Instagram / 32k Facebook / 7k Twitter / 6k Pinterest

Great minds think alike and generally work well together. Gone With The Wynns is always on the hunt for new adventures to experience, cultures to share and the gear it takes to make it possible. They’re passionate about sustainable living, responsible tourism and treading lightly on the environment.

When The Wynns share something it’s not so much endorsing a product as it is them sharing their experience with it. It’s that honesty that’s at the heart of everything they do and why their relationship with their audience and the companies they work with are successful. If you’re of a like mind, let’s work together.

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